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Location: Ban Pho is a mountainous commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Feature: Come here, guests newly sightseeing newly highland jungle specialties Ban Pho, especially corn Ban Pho wine.

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From Bac Ha town, traveling on a winding road, winding clinging to the slopes of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range 4km beneath the lush valley of corn and rice a small color ...; roadside forests Tam plum flower of sight are laden season, guests will visit Ban Pho commune.

Rượu Ngô Bản Phố

Wine Ngo Ban Pho

Seen from afar, Ban Pho like a beautiful and vivid picture: Dissolve the vast blue of the rolling mountains, is the home of the Mongolian folds like nests clinging to the mountainside.
Ban Pho is the oldest colony sites of Mongolia, there are some 500 households with 3,000 people. According Mandarin Fire - common language of some ethnic groups living on the northern border area, from the "City" refers to the concentration of residential and restaurants.
The Hmong live in Ban Pho bungalow style structure with cold countries: They do upper house, clinging to the cliff or mountainside, their floors are often lower and airtight, building materials mainly by wood; Indoor fireplace always, eating dried meat all year round, with dishes "men men" dish "try to win" unique.
The Hmong prefer to use multiple instruments, the most characteristic is the praise and Environmental Forum. At the festival or market days, the young men and women who Mong khaen call you and take up singing verses.
 Costumes of Hmong in Ban Pho quite unique. They sew linen weave itself. Splayed female dress, clothes chest sawed with vivid floral motifs, front and rear aprons, leg wrappings. Men wear garments mainly black.
The Hmong live on nomadic profession, wet rice on terraced plots, growing flax for weaving and medicinal plant. Besides, Hmong Ban Pho also houses a unique handmade products, now has a reputation in the country and attracts many international visitors, which is the wine corn Ban Pho.
Entering the home of Hmong Ban Pho, you'll find even a kitchen located in the gable; this is where the cooking liquor. Corn incense, incense wafted across space wine highlands, especially at the Bac Ha Market, cranes and the Tet.
About methods, wine Ban Pho do not need fancy, complex; however, to bring its own unique flavor of the Ban Pho, this wine should have traditional secret formula that if brought to another do not create flavors like here
 According to local people, said Ban Pho, get alcohol, corn Ban Pho; First, corn must be grown and developed thanks to the climate here. As to the winemaking stage, one has to fetch water from the stream in line to, to soak the corn in cold mist and must take place Ban Pho Hong my nuts - nuts shaped like millet and special aroma, is Infill planting of maize fields, used to make wine.
Instruments used for making wine is a large cast iron skillet, which was covered with a wooden cask strapping very tight, put on oven width of 3m² embankment and fire must burn continuously, so can we ensure the quality of wine . Just 3 kg of corn is done 1 liter of alcohol around 40-45º, there are wine-makers skills 60º, every house each market day usually cook about 20 liters.
Featuring arrival Ban Pho, guests step into the kitchen of Mongolia while they're cooking wine, visitors will find in the kitchen ceiling dangling strings of meat many kinds: cattle, goats, pigs .. . This is the bacon-flavored liquor extremely special that might not have been anywhere. Moreover, the landlord was very kind enough to let visitors enjoy a glass of wine is just taking complete with furniture still slightly warm to the smoked meat plate wine.
Along with Tam Hoa plums, pears, peaches, corn liquor followed the Ban Pho travelers every country, though only drink once must remember not to forget.

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